Are You Ready to Publish Your Book?

2018 is the year to get Are you Ready?

“Do you want to publish all those manuscripts gaining dust in your drawer or just taking up space in your computer hard drive?”

“Do you want to learn how to write books that will get people’s attention which will lead to more book sales?

“Do you want to know how to create book covers by yourself so that you won’t have to pay a Graphic Artist, N30,000 or even more?”

“Do you want to know the easiest way to publish your manuscript? And how to do it by yourself? Learn how to create ebooks, list them on major online bookstores and promote them to generate sales”

“Do you want to learn how to create your book assets? Book assets that will generate more sales for your book, establish yourself as an authority in your niche and increase your visibility and influence so you can earn more from your book”

“Do you want to learn how to grow your author platform”

So you have written a book or books that you want people to read your book because you have something to give to your audience through it. You want to impart them with knowledge or you want to explore your creativity and improve your craft, who better can help you do that, than your readers. Or you want to use your book as a springboard to chart a new course for yourself to become an authority in your career or genre.

So you want to be published.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have your book on bookstore shelves or the ebook in major online stores? Selling in countries you don’t even know about? But the problem is you have approached publishers like Farafina, Cassava Republic and other publishers and all you get is rejection.

Don’t take it to heart!

You are not alone!

It happened to me too! Just after leaving Secondary School, I wrote a book on teenagehood based on my experiences as a teenager and the lessons I learnt. In that raw form, I took it t publishers. They rejected it but one advised me to have it typed and printed. Money was scarce in those days and especially for a teenager but I was able to raise money to type and print the manuscript. I started the second leg of my journey for a publisher for my book. I thought it will be easier with the typed manuscript. I dropped the manuscripts with them and would go back a month later to get their feedback which was what they told me to do. Some were apologetic with their negative response.

But one particular publishing company’s response was the last straw that broke my back of discouragement.  In my presence, they searched and searched for my manuscript and were unable to find it. The receptionist admitted to collecting it from me but couldn’t remember what she did with it. Apparently nothing! It probably ended up in the bin. I cried all the way home and stopped writing!

Many aspiring authors are finding it difficult to get publishing contracts from traditional publishers. Being rejected can cause a lot of pain and trauma. You begin to think you are not good enough. Or your manuscript sucks! It affects your moral, confidence and your life.

As an alternative, you approach the self publishing service providers and they ask you to pay N150,000 – N200,000 before they will  read your manuscript. You do not even earn up to a quarter of the requested amount, how can you get it? In despair and frustration, like me, you give up on your publishing dream.

There is HOPE!

On March 2, 2017, I launched my self-published book; Self-publish and Profit on Facebook. I did not only write the content of the book, I created the book cover, self-edited it (I do not recommend you self-edit. I did it to prove a point which you will find out in the book) and created the book in three formats: PDF, Mobi and ePub. You can download the book for free by clicking on the image below. In it, you will learn the 4-step Success Formula to self-publishing your book.

Self-publish and Profit eBook

Do you want to know the 4 -Step Success Formula to Self -publishing?

Intending authors are often fixated on getting traditional publishing contracts and see that as the only way to actualize their publishing dream.  2017 marked the 171st year of publishing in Nigeria and for the majority of these years, an alternative to traditional publishing has been in existence; Self-publishing. It was what authors did when their manuscripts were rejected by traditional publishers.

It has taken a better form and is capable of producing the same and even better results than traditional publishing. It gives the author the opportunity to be in total control of their publishing career and earn all the profits from it if done right.

Self-publish and Profit is the formula for achieving a successful and fulfilling publishing career. It is a 4-step success plan which when done right will produce an amazing published book that will increase the author’s visibility, influence and position him as an authority which will enable him to earn more from his book.

The 4 -Step Success Formula are:

  • Understand the Psychology behind Self-publishing
  • Develop a compelling Book Brand
  • Develop an Effective Author Platform and Brand
  • Create your Book Assets

I just published another eBook (which makes two, this year); eBook Creation Demystified to help intending authors like Ade who was told he could pay $5 on Fiverr to format and convert his manuscript to an ePub eBook.

In his excitement over the information, he reached out for his laptop to check out Fiverr and in the process his elbow hit the glass of cold water beside the laptop. The content poured into his plate of white rice and stew he had bought with the last N200 he had.

Though it pained him that he just lost his dinner, his joy at finding a solution to publishing his book overshadowed it. Quickly he logged into Fiverr, only to discover that it will cost him $80 to format and convert his 200-page manuscript to an ePub file! In shock, he just kept staring at the Seller’s page, forgetting he only had 100mb of data left.

He felt his body becoming numb as despair trickled in.

He lost his dinner and still no solution to his problem!

He wished he knew how to format and convert his manuscript to eBook.


Are you like Ade? Or you were in Ade’s shoes at one time and you gave up due to no solution?

The Solution is HERE!

eBook Creation Demystified
eBook Creation Demystified

Learn how to format and convert your manuscript to eBook

One of the problems intending authors face is being unable to afford the cost of publishing their books especially manuscript formatting and conversion to eBooks.

So despite their efforts writing their book,  they are stuck at that junction.

This book gives you the tools to overcome that problem and reach your publishing dreams.

topics Covered

Chapter 1

What are Electronic Books (eBooks)? Get a better understanding of what eBooks are and how they differ from printed books. This chapter also list the various eBook formats. Important notes about eBook publishing and distribution is also given in this chapter, including mistakes to avoid during formatting of manuscript.

Chapter 2

Creating your eBook Cover. This is an insightful chapter for intending authors to learn how to create their book covers. Three ways of creating eBook covers are given, with a step by step tutorial on one of them. Sample eBook covers included for inspiration.

Chapter 3

Formatting your Manuscript. Formatting is the basis for creating an eBook. Book formatters have no control over how electronic readers like Kindle, Nook will display eBooks due to imposed user settings on the devices but when the manuscript is well formatted, it will look alright in any ereader.

Chapter 4

Converting your Formatted Manuscript. Learn the three ways, in fact, four ways to convert your formatted manuscript to eBook in any format. This chapter also reveals a very simple way to create eBook without formatting. Ssssshhhh! That is an insider secret! It also includes another insider secret!

Chapter 5

eBook Distribution. Know the three most important online bookstores to list your eBook and why. Know the insider secrets to getting your eBook approved and listed.

Free preview

Don’t take my word for it. Read the first few pages and see how this will change your publishing career!

  • Learn the skill that will serve you throughout your publishing journey
  • Become a true Self-published Author
  • Create a book asset (business) with this skill
Modupe Taiwo

Author spotlight

Modupe Taiwo is a Publishing Expert. Over a decade ago, she searched for an alternative to traditional publishing when her manuscript was rejected by traditional publishers. She stumbled on self-publishing and spent over ten years researching on it.  The knowledge culminated into Self-publish and Profit, her first self-published book (you can download it here: and her monthly publishing programs, Get Published (Email Course) and Get Published in 60 Days (GP60), an intensive coaching program.

She is popularly known as the Admin of the BookLovers Channel on BBM Channels. And, the Admin of Self-publish and Profit Facebook Group( She manages a bookshop in Ikeja, Lagos.

Her love for books and passion to improve the reading culture of Nigerians gave birth to the BBM Channel, The Book Chat on WhatsApp (now defunct) and The BookLovers Club (book club) in Jos.

As a Publishing Expert, she helps intending authors to publish amazing books that sell more, and influence their author brand. She has helped a few intending authors to self-publish their manuscripts and she wants to help more.

She loves to cook and volunteers her time for charitable purposes when not reading, writing, and working.

Modupe Taiwo

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