Your goal as an author is for your book to be published everywhere so you can be seen and heard and read, listened to and watched on any device anywhere, anytime. If you are wondering if your book is capable of doing this for you, it can and even much more. Sometime late 2016, Chimamanda Adichie was a guest on a BBC program to discuss the American election last year. Really, what does a fiction writer have to do with politics? But guess what? They only wanted her opinion and that came as a result of being a author.

Have you noticed in some Nora Roberts books, there are no book blurbs at the back of the book? There is just her picture and yet people still buy them without knowing what the book is about! She has created a brand – a relationship with her audience and confidence in her craft. They know the book will be worth reading because she wrote it. That is the power of creating an author brand!

You may think it is inconsequential at this stage of your writing career since you are an intending author, but whether you like it or not, all authors have a brand that will be judged by your audience, media and the bookseller. Will it not be better to be proactive about it rather than let others label you? Position and present yourself and your craft the way you want to be seen rather than let others do it for you!

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