Modupe Taiwo

Modupe Taiwo

Modupe Taiwo is a Publishing Expert. Her journey from a writer to a self-published author is an inspiring one, especially for intending authors who think traditional publishing is the only route to publishing.

Just after leaving Secondary School, she wrote a book on teenagehood based on her experiences as a teenager and the lessons she learnt. In that raw form, she took it to publishers. They rejected it but one advised her to have it typed and printed. Money was scarce in those days and especially for a teenager but she was able to raise money to type and print the manuscript. She then started the second leg of her search for a publisher for her book. She thought it will be easier with the typed manuscript. She would leave the manuscript with them and go back a month later to get their feedback which was what she was told to do. Some were apologetic with their negative response.

But one particular publishing company’s response was the last straw.  In her presence, they searched and searched for her manuscript and were unable to find it. The receptionist admitted to collecting it from her but couldn’t remember what she did with it. Apparently nothing! She remembers thinking the receptionist dumped it in the dustbin. She cried all the way home and stopped writing for years! She was contented with reading novels.

When the yearning to publish her book pulled at the strings of her heart again, she went in search of an alternative to traditional publishing. She stumbled on self-publishing and spent over ten years researching on it.  The knowledge culminated into Self-publish and Profit, her first self-published book (you can download it here: and her publishing programs; Book Idea Generation and Writing (free Email Course), Get Published (Email Course) and Self-publish and Profit Publishing Program (SP3); a one month intensive teaching and coaching publishing program.

She is popularly known as the Admin of the BookLovers Channel on BBM Channels. She is also the Admin of Self-publish and Profit Facebook Group. She manages a bookshop in Ikeja, Lagos.

Her love for books and passion to improve the reading culture of Nigerians gave birth to the BBM Channel, The Book Chat on WhatsApp (now defunct). Her stint on Radio (PRTVC in Jos) gave birth to The BookLovers Club (book club) in Jos, still in existence, even after her relocation to Lagos.

As a Publishing Expert, she helps intending authors to publish amazing books that influence their author brand and sell more. She has helped a considerable number of intending authors to self-publish their manuscripts but she wants to help more.

She loves to cook and volunteers her time for charitable purposes when not reading, writing, and working.