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Intending authors are still fixated on getting publishing contracts that may never happen.

“I help intending authors to publish amazing books that influence their author brand and sell more through my 4-Step Success Formula.”

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The 4-step Success Formula is

Understand the psychology behind Self-publishing

Intending authors don’t really know what self-publishing is and what it entails. The first step is to understand what Self-publishing is and develop the  right mindset about it.

Develop a Compelling Book Brand

Defining your core message, message points and Unique Author System (UAS) an an intending author will help your publishing journey and also to know the books and other products to create. So also the audience to seek after. 

Develp an Effective Author Platform/Brand

There is a general misconception about book promotion . Book promotion should start long before the manuscript is written. It is by creating an author platform. Learn how to use your product, personality and influence to sell your book (s).

Create your Book Assets

Book Assets? What are they? They are derivatives of your book that can be used to generate more sales for your book. Book sales aren’t the only way to earn from writing.

Self-publish and Profit eBook

Learn the 4-Step Success Formula to Self-publishing

Intending authors are often fixated on getting traditional publishing contracts and see that as the only way to actualize their publishing dream.  2017 marked the 171st year of publishing in Nigeria and for the majority of these years, an alternative to traditional publishing has been in existence; Self-publishing. It was what authors did when their manuscripts were rejected by traditional publishers.

It has taken a better form and is capable of producing the same and even better results than traditional publishing. It gives the author the opportunity to be in total control of their publishing career and earn all the profits from it if done right.

Self-publish and Profit is the formula for achieving a successful and fulfilling publishing career. It is a 4-step success plan which when done right will produce an amazing published book that will increase the author’s visibility, influence and position him as an authority which will enable him to earn more from his book.

The 4 -Step Success Formula are:

  • Understand the Psychology behind Self-publishing
  • Develop a compelling Book Brand
  • Develop an Effective Author Platform and Brand
  • Create your Book Assets
I loved the Self-publishing and Profit Publishing Program (SP3)! Thank you for helping me to become a better writer and an emerging author to be reckoned with. SP3 is an excellent publishing program and Coach Modupe completely nailed it. What I liked best about SP3 was the incredible variety of tools, resources and strategies that Modupe brought to the table as well as the incredible learning process of working through together with our coach providing the support all the way. If you are keen on becoming a self-published author, then Modupe’s SP3 is the way to go. Go get it…sign up today!
Osarhiemen Iserhienrhien,
Founder, Preeminent Expert Society
When I first met Modupe, I was a young aspiring author just eager to see my book on the shelves of bookstores. One meeting with her and I knew that being an author is not just about having your book on the shelf. She helped open my eyes to the realities and great possibilities that exist in the world of books! Her tutelage has helped me move from being anxious about publishing a book to learning and developing into the finest author I can be. I remember one particular meeting where she asked me about my marketing plans for my upcoming book. That moment I realized that I was only preparing a book that will not sell. It pushed me to learn more about sales and marketing strategies. I believe if every intending author, and even those who are authors already, will spend time with her, their writing career will have a remarkable turnaround!
David Kadala
Graduate & Intending Author

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